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Blessed with a Dress ***EVENT FEATURE***

This year, Celebs Give Back is partnering with one of its ambassadors, Robin Dyke, to bless 100 ladies with a wedding dress for their big day! Joining her, to pay it forward, are many fans, friends, and celebrities. The "Bless with a Dress" Campaign is founded with the desire, held by many, to give back.

Many women, after their wedding day, put their dresses away, only for them to remain hidden with the hope that one day it can go to their daughter. But what if you don't have a daughter? What if your daughter chooses a different dress? Why not pass the dress along to someone who may not have the ability to buy such a lovely dress? The contest has been launched through and through a dedicated Facebook page specifically for Blessed with a Dress. We are announcing the opening of submissions of nominees Thanksgiving Day and will announce the winners Christmas Day. People will submit stories and photos of whom they believe is a worthy recipient and tell the story of why they believe their nominee should win a dress. People will have a forum to vote/like the each stories. In turn, they will be contribute to the winning decision. The top 100 nominees will win a dress. The top voted/liked nominee will win a Grand Prize Package valued over $15,000, and it is still growing.

(Celebs Give Back Inc.) She's your neighbor, your friend, your colleague, your mother. She deserves to be Blessed with a Dress for her big wedding day! Nominate her and tell us how one person can truly make a difference.

Celebs Give Back Inc. encourages you to tell us about these everyday women who are changing the world -- by nominating them at Take a few minutes to share her story and she could be our next grand prize winner.

Maybe her selflessness has directly impacted your life. It's easy to nominate an everyday person who is changing lives, but a thoughtful, well-written nomination is essential to help yours stand out from the thousands we receive. Here are some suggestions we hope will help you in crafting your nomination for consideration.

• Think about what makes her special. Ask yourself: What makes my nominee unique? What specific accomplishment has she achieved that is truly remarkable? What impact has she had on others?

• Take a look at our nomination form. We suggest you review the information requested about yourself, your nominee and her before filling out your submission.

• Tell us about your hero. Take your time and write from the heart. Remember: What you share -- in your own words -- is the most important factor in advancing a nomination for further consideration. You can enter your answers to the essay questions directly on the form, or write them first in a word-processing document and cut and paste them into each answer field.

• Click "Submit." And yes, we read each and every one.

That's it! Nominations for 2015 Blessed with a Dress remain open through December 14, 2015

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