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Kampai Stonecrest Mall is the Worst!

This is by far the worst Japanese restaurant in the state of Georgia. I kid you not! It took 25 minutes for our drinks to be brought out. The plate in my place setting was dirty. Wtf? I should have left right then & there. Fried rice was 1.95 extra? Who does that?! Clearly my 2nd RED FLAG! The fried rice was not fully cooked. Half cooked rice is just not enjoyable. Apparently we got a new cook. He was not friendly at all. He didn't even attempt to entertain the table. Most hibachi chefs crack corny jokes. You couldn't buy a joke from this guy. He burnt my friend's scallops, my salmon was over cooked and he ran out of vegetables to serve everyone at the table. If this restaurant comes up in your quest for hibachi KEEP SEARCHING! IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME & YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. ***you've been warned***


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