Control Hair Care ***BUSINESS FEATURE***

Control Hair Care is an All-Nature’l Raw Ingredient Hair Nourishment Product line. Where are inspired by the results our products give our consumers, providing them with new found freedom to have a healthy relationship with their hair. Our mission is to educate, create and supply nature’s purest, most effective, eco-friendly, natural and raw ingredients that will provide the highest level of Hair nourishment.


Empowerment of Community is a firm platform that Control Hair Care stands on. We all are Control Hair Care, and this is a living statement. Reclaim Control of being the guarantor of your well-being, health and image of beauty. Stand for and “Own Your Beauty” and in doing so, live by example and stride for greatness in education, leadership, elegance, grace, humbleness and confidence.

Control Hair care is proud to be eco-friendly, we do not perform animal testing with our products. We only test on willing participating Friends and Family members


In 2010 after a couple of years of failed attempts to rid the creamy crack and go natural. I finally broke out and was on my Naturel Hair Journey. Many products dried my hair and made it very dull and blah. One a classmate of mine complimented me on my curl pattern and my lovely red umbry color. She touched my hair and said, “Your hair is brittle and dry.” I said, “I know, but I don’t know how to make my hair hold moisture and feel soft.” So she introduced me to at the time was the most popular curly kinky hair product line. I fell in love and even called their offices to thank and praise them for such a break through curly hair product line.

One day, while washing my hair with what I considered to be an amazing slippery shampoo. I thought to myself, ‘Wow I really like this soap texture, what is making this shampoo so silky’? I reached for the bottle and what I read disturbed me. The first thing that caught my attention was PEG-55, next Methylparaben and then EDTA. I wondered what the Heck are these ingredients and what benefits were they having on my hair. In my discovery of Polyethylene Glyol “PEG-55” for short, increases the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer in Women. Shocked, I furthered my research. Methylparaben is a carcinogen, a cancer causing agent and EDTA is environmentally toxic. Astounded by my finding, I went digging under my bathroom sink and 95% of every hair, hygiene, and cosmetic product contained Parabens, Parffins, Phthalates, Hydronated Oils and Proteins, Sulfates, SLS, PPG, DEA, MEA, TBHQ, BHT and BHA the list is continual. These products with happy, bright and alluring commercials make people think their safe. Unfortunately, that statement of being “safe” is far from true. I began looking around for more natural hair and hygiene products yet; all that I found on the market were products consisting mostly of chemicals, toxins along with false promises of the overall hair health.

A change had to be made. So with a lab top, herbal healing books, spoons, mixing bowls and ancestral recipes, Control Hair Care was born. A fully natural, raw and hand made solid hair nourishment line that was made and designed to not fail you.

Control Hair Care has created the Best hair products for you. The result of our Exotic, Naturel, Raw, Plant and Food Grade hair nourishment line provides you with new found freedom to have a healthier relationship with your hair.

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