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***Yelp Elite - Sundial Nights

This was my first Yelp elite event & it was awesome! It was so much fun finally meeting people from the community. I've been to the sundial preciously but never at night. The drinks from Bar 210 were awesome! I got the berry spiked lemonade. It had just enough sweetness/tartness. The view at night is breathtaking. I've been for brunch numerous times and the view of the city skylights cannot be explained. Simply beautiful. The cheese station was well put together. I like the fact that it was all local cheese. Local companies need our support. The shrimp station was interesting. I've never seen grits prepared like this before. They were shaped like cute lil cubes and kept warm on a skillet. Very tasty. The shrimp was my favorite until I realized that most of it was NOT deveined. Yuck! Next for me was the salmon. It was good. Not great. Salmon is best when cooked to order. You can tell when it's been sitting out. I didn't have anything else because I'm vegetarian. I love sweets! I was so excited to see the beautiful dessert display. I got one of each except the pecan pie. I'm just not a fan. The apple empanada would have been better if it was warm. The cheesecake was bland, the chocolate cake was too gooey and ultimately the tart was the surprise top finisher! I loved the tart! From the flakey crust to the velvety center and the fresh fruit on top. It was a favorite at our table. The photo booth was a very unique touch! I had never seen one quite like this. The manager for the booth was so friendly and made that experience awesome! Overall, this was a well organized successful event. I can't wait until the next one!

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