Steel Dreaming' ***BAND FEATURE***

Steel Dreamin' has been entertaining audiences since 2004 with their unique brand of “Caribbean Rock”. They perform traditional island music, pop cover tunes from the past 50 years, world music favorites and more while creating a tropical atmosphere with LED lighting, effects, market umbrellas, palm plants, beach balls, and pink flamingos! Utilizing powerful vocals, the distinctive ringing of steel drums, an array of percussion instruments, guitars, keyboards and some of the most laid-back musicians in the Atlanta area, Steel Dreamin' adds a unique tropical twist to some of your favorite songs! You're guaranteed to be singing along and dreaming of the islands. Steel Dreamin' is available as small as one player or as many as nine and the listener demographic has no boundaries. There's guaranteed to be something for everyone! They're available to perform for parties, community events, corporate functions, school groups, weddings or anything that you can imagine the sounds of the Caribbean being a hit!

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