Inside Kinks **BUSINESS FEATURE***

In 2014, founder Khadijah King began giving natural hair advice to hundreds of people through social media. Her advice covered many topics on the ins and outs of natural hair from which products to use, how to properly moisturize natural hair, how to create a simple hair regimen, what to feed your body for ultimate hair health, and how to be a simplistic natural to name a few!

While on a year long student exchange in Hawaii, Khadijah began researching various natural ingredients and oils that promote healthy hair and scalp and eventually struck gold with her unique hair growth formula.

At the age of 16, Khadijah graduated high school in three years. During her college career she has held many leadership positions and has mentored over 50 students. Now 19 years old, Khadijah is a college senior (attending medical school upon graduation )and owner of Inside Kinks. An advocate for the Black community she is one of the founders of the Black Entrepreneur USA Pageant, a platform that supports up and coming Black entrepreneurs start up their businesses and teaches the importance of

Black business ownership.

Recognizing an immediate demand for simplistic natural hair care, Inside Kinks was created as a line of multipurpose products. Often times you hear of naturals being “product junkies” because of the vast amount of products on the market. Our three products can be used in the following ways, eliminating the need for excess products;

  • Groovy Growth Serum: Hair/Scalp Oil | Hot Oil Treatment | Pre