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Palomilla's Grill House (John's Creek) - REVIEW

This was my first visit & I will definitely be back! First & foremost I have to say that when I randomly decide to try a new restaurant, there usually isn't a manager on the floor. Frank, the owner, kindly introduced himself while I was taking pics for Yelp. Lol. I told him who I was & he proceeded to give me a full tour of the restaurant. Most everything, including the tables were made by them! Wow. The workmanship is impeccable. I have to say that I was very impressed. Would the food leave a lasting impression as well? I ordered the sea bass sandwich with a side of plantain. I can't help it. The Jamaican in me can't NOT order plantain. The Sea bass was cooked to perfection & garnished with Vidalia onions. That was the best combination in life. I'm also a fries connoisseur. You mess up the fries & you loose MAJOR points. The fries were PERFECTION! Not over cooked & lightly seasoned. Then the fry plantain. They were the best! Overall, this place is definitely a great hangout spot accompanied by a full bar. Tell Frank ASH SAID IT sent ya!!!

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