Tat Tvam Asi 2016 Summer Concert Series!

Tat Tvam Asi is excited to announce our 2016 Summer Concert Series ! We have 3 magnificient Dance Productions lined up for you to make this summer unforgettable !!! Immerse yourself in the beauty of these 3 fanstastic productions.

July 30 - Chitravali

July 31 - Tara - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tara-tickets-25779575404

August 27 - Margam - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/margam-tickets-25783194228

We begin our Season with Chitravali !!!

Chitravali, A Rama Vaidyanathan production, is a cohesive coming together of three creative paths of painting, music, and dance. The vastness of Krishna's form can be celebrated through various forms of art and to truly experience Krishnamaya one must immerse ourselves in this sweetness of his unparalleled beauty through a whole gambit of artistic expressions ! As no art form can exist in isolation, Chitravali brings three creative paths of painting, music, and dance to create a picture book where we can see, hear, and experience Krishna. RAJPUT MINIATURE PAINTINGS, verses from the Bhagwatham in the ancient Sanskrit language, Bandhishes from HINDUSTANI MUSIC and the dance form of BHARATHANATYAM, all form petals of a lotus that blossoms to spread the fragrance of Krishnamaya !