The Melting Pot (Duluth) - REVIEW

I had an exceptional experience here. This is by far one of the best kept secrets at Gwinnett Place. It's tucked away in a plaza that I've overlooked for years. Unlike popular eateries in the area, you cannot see it from the street. Once there, we were immediately greeted by a full bar including bottles/champagne flutes. They are certainly selling an overall experience. From the dim lights to the decor along the wall everything was very well crafted. This was my first experience at a fondue restaurant so the menu was a little overwhelming. OMG! So many choices! So much to choose from. Lucky for me I was with someone that knew a thing or two about fondue. I love spicy stuff! I just do. We decided on the fiesta cheese to start. They added a bunch of jalapeños but the cheese fell short. When I make salsa or guacamole the jalapeños are burning the tip of my tongue! Not sure where they got these but I was less than impressed. The manager came over to check on us & could tell I was not feeling it. He immediately went to the kitchen for more supplies. Wow! Service with a smile. Upon his return, he had more jalapeños, tabasco sauce & YES MORE CHEESE! He whipped everything up right there & then. It still wasn't very hot but the Tabasco gave it more flavor. Now to the entree. I had seafood & they had all the meat stuff. They brought out a pot of hot broth. We then cooked our veggies & meats in the broth. I was a little nervous but my salmon & shrimp came out perfectly! They were juicy & not over cooked. And it only took a few minutes. We got there late so we took the dessert to go. I got the creme brûlée white chocolate that came with rice crispies, strawberries, marshmallows, brownies and pound cake. EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING!!! This was quite the interesting experience. Never done this before but would surely do it again. Our server was Drake & he was the best! Very knowledgeable, friendly & helpful. Be sure to stop by & tell them ASH SAID IT sent ya!!!

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