CRYSTAL HOPKINS with Madison Parks 7/30!

Crystal Hopkins, one of Atlanta’s 50 Most Beautiful People in Jezebel magazine, is a southern belle to the core and a tomboy at heart. Born and raised in the small southern Georgia town of Jesup—a melting pot of love and traditional values that shaped her into the heartfelt person that she is today. While most young girls would be playing with barbie dolls, Crystal was a tomboy at heart, often playing at the local baseball field or being seen on the playground Runnin’ With The Boys. Despite her many athletic interests, one talent that she could never deny was her love for singing. Country Music has been in her DNA since the day she was born. Every night Crystal’s Dad would play his old player-piano by ear and Crystal would sing along to Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, and to old, red-backed, hymnal songs. At the age of twelve, Crystal finally mustered up enough courage to sing in her hometown church in front of her first crowd. This was a defining moment that made her realize that she had a clear gift for singing and a calling to the stage. After attending a Christian Discipleship College, Crystal turned to modeling and acting where she has landed roles in national television commercials and TV shows. You might have already seen Crystal as one of the female stars in the #1 Florida Georgia Line (FGL) music video “Round Here” or else showcasing her dancing and choreography talents as a cheerleader for the NHL’s former Thrashers or the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. The southern Georgia native has spent the past few years of her life focusing her time on writing songs and performing shows. Crystal continues to get her inspiration for music and performance from artists such as Martina McBride, Patsy Cline, Bonnie Raitt, and Norah Jones. Crystal’s most recent EP release “Stay” was released to iTunes on February 26th. "STAY" captures the essence of those deep down country roots that Crystal was raised up on. Songs like "Runnin With The Boys" perfectly capture Crystal’s childhood experiences, where the majority of her younger years were spent outside; playing in the woods, and hunting with her friends. Heck, she even caught an eight foot alligator once, so there’s nothing that scares her! Crystal’s songs “Stay” and “Runaround” showcase her heart opening feelings and emotions related to her life experiences in her relationships. She pours her heart, soul, emotion, and voice into these songs and her latest EP “Stay” shows the world both her southern belle and tomboy sides. Crystal is a free spirit. She's not afraid to take chances, to try new things, and to follow her heart. She loves it whenever she can get on back to Jesup— the place that planted the seed for her love of Country Music, the place that grew her small town values, and the place that is allowing her to blossom into the person and star that she’s becoming. Atlanta already knows Crystal Hopkins and they know that she is a star. Now with the release of her second EP, “Stay”, it’s time for the rest of the Country Music Community to come to that realization as well!


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