The Illusionists at The Fox Theatre

I want to send a special thank you out to Brave PR and Broadway in Atlanta for inviting Ash Said It LLC to opening night of The Illusionists at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

I read reviews and watched videos on the team but nothing would prepare me for the mystifying illusions of the night. None of this is real, right? Honestly I have no clue. What happened at the Fox Theatre had me baffled and amazed at the same time.

It started with Jeff Hobson aka The Trickster who was our host throughout the show. He was sensational! His witty charm kept the crowd engaged constantly. His showmanship was remarkable and inspirational. He definitely had a few 'tricks' up his sleeve to keep us guessing. His attire was as sharp as his talent. His jacket had sequins that made every move he made sparkle. I have never seen anything quite like it.

Dan Sperry aka The Anti-Conjuror brought a bizarre element to this team. He definitely had a unique goth-like look that reminded me of The Crow. When he initially sat on the stage it seemed casual. We were wondering what he was going to do. When his set was done, everyone's mouth had dropped! How did he do it?!

Yu Ho-Jin aka The Manipulator was named 2014 Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts. And there is no question in my mind why. He appeared on stage in a perfectly tailored suit which gave him the appearance of an orchestra conductor. I could not keep my eyes off of his swiftly moving hands. Wait a minute. Was that an entire deck of cards?

Then came Kevin James aka The Inventor. His set was a little more animated. He had some performers on stage with him which made it an enjoyable time. He believes that he has a solemn responsibility to remind people of that important sense of wonder they felt as a child. He certainly did that tonight with the help of a child. Anything is possible with the Inventor.

I loved Colin Cloud aka The Deductionist simply for that Scottish accent. Media around the globe often depict him as a modern day Sherlock Holmes. But Colin took his fascination beyond a hobby when he achieved his Bachelor of science degree. He also received honors in the field of Forensic Investigation. Be sure to clear your mind when around him. He will surely know EXACTLY what you're thinking.

Many immediately recognize Ben Blaque aka The Weapon Master from season 7 of America's Got Talent. One word. CROSSBOW. OH MY GOSH! I think everyone was on the edge of their seat! His act was perplexing.

Last but certainly not least Andrew Basso aka The Escapologist did something I could not have imagined. Was he really going to tackle one of the most prolific acts EVER in magician history? Yes, he was. I cannot lie. I was very nervous about this performance. I did not want to witness a death on stage. And thank God we didn't.

This was one of the most incomprehensible shows I have EVER attended. I had to pinch myself a few times because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. If you'd like to experience this marvelous show, I encourage you to check their website The Illusionists and find out when the tour comes to your city. Seats will sell out so secure yours today.


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