Boost Ratings & Reviews for More Authority

Thanks to the Internet, anyone in the world can publish content online. It’s getting be a crowded space, but those who have authority will be able to build their brand and increase their profits more easily.

Authority at a Glance

What do we mean by authority? It can mean different things, depending on the area you are examining. Authority operates on several levels. There is domain authority, page authority, and professional authority within your niche.

Domain Authority - Domain authority relates to your domain traffic. Is your URL a frequently-visited site that attracts not only new but repeat visitors? Do they visit once and click out?

Page Authority - Page authority is often measured by search engine results. Is your page in the top 10 on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) delivered by Google and other top search engines?

Professional Authority - Regarding professional authority within your niche, name recognition would often measure your level of authority. Would your name garner instant recognition by fellow experts in your ni