Get Your Run Bag!

First, just a brief intro of who we are. We are the owners of Firefly Run, Lantern Run, & other themed runs you've participated in! Really though, we're just a group of runner enthusiasts who felt running should be fun and decided to do something about it.

1. Curated Run Bag Every month, we curate and send you a special runner's bag (valued at $50+) with new and hot items in the market, items you would have never tried, and fun challenges that will help you with your runs (you can also win sweet prizes)! If you don't run? This bag will make you want to run :) See some of our other bags and past participant stories/challenges at

The first 100 participants to sign-up will get these bags at $19/month (lifetime price until you want to cancel). Use code: FIRST100 2. Free Monthly Run Challenge

Don't want to commit yet? We'd love for you to still be part of the challenge and movement to get people excited, motivated, and energized about running. You can sign-up here and receive our monthly challenge for free while still being able to win some of the prizes ;).

To those who've met me at one of our races, hello again. And if I've yet to meet you in person, I look forward to meeting you (virtually) at the next challenge!

- Amber from Firefly Run & My Run Bag

Past Bags included- - Moisture Wicking Running Shirt - Cold Wrap - LED Gear - Healthy Snacks - LED Watch - Running Belt - Medals, Race bibs, Race commemoratives - Monthly Challenge to win Special Prizes

CLICK HERE to sign up TODAY!

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