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Great Atlanta Beerfest at Turner Field

This years Great Atlanta Beerfest at Turner Field was simply marvelous! I like to attend events early for several reasons: good parking, time to network and of course first dibs on food. Unfortunately this is the last Beerfest to be held at Turner Field as the Atlanta Braves have a new home. With that being said they decided to celebrate this festival unlike any previous ones. This year we would party hard on the field! Wow. I have never actually been on the field before. The view was breathtaking.

I received a blue commemorative cup and a listing of over 150+ breweries alongside with their location on the field. The big screen had college football on so everyone was at ease. The entire field was jam packed wall to wall. I cannot recall when I last saw so many people on the field. So many people but I had nothing but time.

There was no possible way I was going to sample all 150+ beers and wines. Nor was I going to try. A few did catch my eye and I was most delighted. ABK had a beer/lemonade combination in which they called Rose. I was intrigued by the concept and decided to sample it. It was a light beer that was not overly sweet. I enjoyed it so much. It did have a rose-like flavor but did not have an overbearing taste. I savored every drop.

My next pick was a fruit ale by Jekyll Brewing titled Strawberry Bomb. And it was bursting with flavor. It was a light ale that encompassed a strawberry punch. This was a drink that made me appreciate them as an ale. Loved it!

The last but not least pick came from Monday Night and was named Drafty Cinnamon. This cinnamon scotch ale was a candy lover's dream. The taste was reminiscent of a cinnamon schnapps but very mellow. This one took the cake and stuck with me the rest of my time there.

The food was sensational! Some of the food vendors included The Fry Guy, Tom & Chee and my new fave Roti Rolls. I got a veggie rice bowl that was a beautiful melody in my mouth. So much flavor! I love when eateries use fresh ingredients. It really does make a difference.

The Geeks entertained us with cover classics. I heard them cover Green Day, Cee Lo, Beastie Boys and countless others. Their energy was electric and they gave a stellar performance throughout the event.

Before my exit I made my way back to the On The

Rocks booth. This company makes gourmet jams infused with liquor. I was so impressed that I bought their peachy mango moscato. YUMMY!

This years event was an astronomical success. There was literally something for everyone. If you weren't a big drinker but wanted to try drinks out of your comfort zone, you could. And if you were a seasoned drinker, you knew exactly what questions to ask. Despite all the negativity in the world, every person that I saw at Turner Field was having a great day.

Kudos to the staff and volunteers of Great Atlanta Beer Fest. You've done very well!


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