Hot Bodies Competition

Date: 10/21/2016

Location: Atlanta Georgia

Venue: The Atrium Event Center

Time: 9:30pm

Description: Bikini competition open to men and women 18 & up.

No residency requirement.

3 divisions: Curvy, Women & Men

Do you look amazing in swimwear?

Contest require participants wear 1 piece or 2 piece swimwear

and shoes.

Participants will do a runway walk wearing an assigned number

with 4 poses of choice. The contestant with the best physique

wins prize per division. We encourage all hot bodies to apply

this is not a body building contest so don't worry about how

much muscle you have, instead focus on looking hot and having

fun! Think Halle Berry, Kim K, Teyana Taylor, Morris Chesnut,

Brad Pitt hot!!!

Registration fee: $35 per person No refunds

*All competitors swag bags from sponsors

*1st, 2nd Prize Per division

*Overall Winner Cash Prize

CLICK HERE to register!

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