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#100SmallBiz Digital Marketing Accelerator: Get Your Business Holiday Ready

Get hands-on training and support to create the online presence you need in a one day workshop! In November we want to help you get your marketing materials, strategy, and messaging ready for the holidays and the New Year! Register for the Holiday Edition with Dan Flores, Nakita Pope, and Liberty White.

The #100SmallBiz Digital Marketing Accelerator is a live in-person event to help you to produce the key elements of your digital marketing campaign such as social media graphics, video marketing distribution, and a content strategy to help you to improve your online engagement and brand awareness.

The one-day workshop is designed to save you time and money so that you can get on with the business of running your business with confidence.


  • Determine what area of your digital marketing needs the most attention: A) Branding B) Content Development C) Video Marketing** D) Visual Design

  • Complete the intake survey once you register

  • The first part of the day will consist of lightning talks with SME (subject matter experts), followed by dedicated time to work on your final product with assistance from your Creative Expert

  • Showcase your new marketing material to the rest of the group


  1. One-on-one time with a Creative Expert during the accelerator

  2. Final product Social Media Graphics, Content Calendar, or Video Content

  3. Access to a private Video Marketing Facebook Group

Give yourself a competitive edge and get your digital marketing game together!

This is a practical and hands-on workshop in an intimate setting where you will benefit from personal and targeted instruction, designed to help you create the digital marketing material.

**If you want to produce a video during the accelerator, please be sure to select the Video Production seat. This is a limited offering and requires advance notice.

CLICK HERE for tickets!

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