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Thanksgiving with PeachDish!

PeachDish - the Southern-inspired, national meal kit delivery company - is offering boxes with all the ingredients and recipes needed to make a classic holiday meal at home during the week of Thanksgiving. Orders can be placed in advance at Order by Friday, 11/18 to ensure delivery by Wednesday, 11/23.

PeachDish works directly with farmers and purveyors throughout the South to source the freshest ingredients. They shop, measure, and develop recipes so that all that's left is the fun part - cooking and eating around the table with friends and family.

Starting at $60, holiday sides are available via this link in 4-serving increments to feed as few as four or as many as 16 people. Each refrigerated box includes ingredients & Southern-inspired recipes to make:

  • Pecan & Apple Dressing

  • Roasted Vegetables

  • Creamed Brussels Sprouts with Mustard & Shallots

  • Candied Sweet Potatoes

  • I-Can't-Believe-Biscuits-Can-Be-This-Easy Cream Biscuits

The Candied Sweet Potatoes and Cream Biscuits recipes come from Savor the South, UNC Press’ series of cookbooks celebrating time-honored Southern dishes. The other recipes are by PeachDish's Culinary Director, Seth Freedman, formerly of NYC’s Oceana, March, and Tabla and Atlanta’s Four Seasons and Bacchanalia at Star Provisions, and Creator of Atlanta-based catering company Forage & Flame.

Also available as optional add-ons:

  • For a total of $160, receive the sides above + Pastured, Organic Turkey from Organic Prairie (4-6 servings). Ready-to-roast, this purchase also includes a 16oz container ofBeautiful Briny Sea’s Bird Bath Turkey Brine with directions on how to brine your bird, or use it as a savory seasoning. A 12-14 lb. turkey (10-12 servings) can also be purchased alone with the Bird Bath Turkey Brine for $130 via this link.

  • For a total of $155, receive the sides above + Cured & Smoked Ham from Riverview Farms. This precooked, pastured ham has been smoked in a blend of pecan, hickory and oak is ready to warm and eat. The 8-pound ham feeds 10-12 people and can also be purchased alone for $120 via this link.

  • For $18.99, receive an Apple Crisp with Vanilla Cream dessert kit from their online story as a delicious finish to Thanksgiving dinner. Orders can be placed via PeachDish’s online store here.


About PeachDish

Celebrating the freshest ingredients with Southern-inspired food full of innovative flavor, PeachDish delivers a refrigerated box to your doorstep with ingredients and recipes to cook dinner at home. Customers choose from at least 8 different menu options each week, including at least three vegetarian dishes. While purchasing produce at the season’s peak to achieve the most flavor and nutrition, the company works directly with farms and purveyors to source ingredients local to the Southeast, which has an especially long growing season. Boxes are priced depending on number of servings ordered, and shipping location around the U.S. Order as often as you like, with free shipping for regular subscribers. PeachDish has been featured on NBC’S “The TODAY Show,” and in Real Simple, Women’s Health, The Observer, SELF, Forbes, and many more.

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