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The Cowfish's Gobble-Gobble Ooshi is Back!

Get your Thanksgiving taste buds ready because The Cowfish's Gobble Gobble-Ooshi is back and sure to satisfy them all!

The roll includes roasted turkey and fried green beans wrapped in stuffing, soy paper and sweet potato strings. The roll is then flash fried, and topped with gravy, cranberry sauce and more fried green beans. What's better than all of your holiday favorites wrapped in one?

Three of The Cowfish's locations, Charlotte, Orlando and Raleigh, will serve the delectable dish until Thanksgiving. The roll is priced at $16.

Charlotte, Raleigh & Orlando

CLT: (704) 365-1922

Raleigh: (919) 784-0400

Orlando: (407) 224-2275

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