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Our schedule is very flexible and cooperate with your schedule best possible. Our class is small private 2 persons and maximum of 6 persons at a time. WHAT - 3 Hour Comprehensive Modern Contemporary Innovative Edible Lace Decoration We will teach you all about edible lace art, innovative modern contemporary ways to decorate your own one of kind edible decoration for any occasions: Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas!

WHEN: time will be announced by the majority student's schedule either on Saturday or Sunday. October - December 2016 WHERE: 1620 S Decatur Blvd. # E, Cross from Oakey. Fantastic Swap Meet. Same complex in 7 Eleven store. This introductory class is $250 for 3 hours and every one with Food Deco Art has to register. Our class is depends on the technique, supplies, and time. I have taught in many areas in CA and AZ where very popular demand. Our class included most of all supplies and tools included. Unlike some of class, does not give you the supplies but only provided in the class room. Our first class comes choice of Antique Vintage Lace Design or Rose Lover's Dream. Once you learn how to do this techniques, decorating for any edible mediums are easy as pie. From start to finish and ready to decorate only takes 30 minutes with easy spread the edible lace mix into the silicon lace mat without knead the fondant or gum paste dough staining your arms. What is edible lace art: Using with innovative 3D silicon mat with quick and easy lace icing powder which enables you to create the most amazing cake decorations. Spread the lace icing on the silicon mat and bake for 12 - 25 minutes depends on the thickness of silicon mat. Take out of the oven and cool for 5 minutes and it is then ready to use. You can make these edible lace in advance and still remain Soft and flexible for many months. It is easy to decorate edible lace art and works as a edible sticker. USES: cake, cupcake, cookies, chocolate, apple, coffee latte, wine, juice, flower, steak, or any edible desserts.

EVENT: wedding, anniversary, birthday, seasonal holidays, or for any occasions. INGREDIENTS: Wheat Starch, Frutose, Glucose, Fruit Citrus, Food Coloring, and Vanilla What: choice of Class A - Vintage Antique Scalloped Edges Lace This Stunning open lace design has intricate scalloped edges, delicate flowers and double scalloped center panels that will transform any cake project. This Vintage Antique Scalloped Edges Lace can be used in its entirety or cut into smaller panels. 14.25"L x 3.75" H and 1 center strip, 14.25"L x 3.5" H Class B -- Rose Inspired Lace Art; Lace Rose Bow We have many different classes in the future announcement. SUPPLIES: 1-silicon lace mat/mold, 15.7" L x 11.8" H 2 pkg - 3 oz edible stencil lace icing powder 1-Jar of liquid glycerin Mix 1- 6" icing spreader/scraper/smoother 1- plastic bottle of easy squeeze ( idea work) 1 - color pink luster pearl dust 1- color blue luster pearl dust 1-color green luster pearl dust 3/set of brush 3- Parchment paper sheets 1- cello bag 1 - Piping gel Some Cookies to decorate Alcohol wet wipes Canola oil for mat and coloring and much more. Benefit and Technique you will learn from this class: Ready to use edible lace to make the best method. All the short cut tips to make the clean cut edible lace art. When to take off the edible lace easily from the mat. How to remove color stain from silicon lace mat. Make your own and decorate handmade edible lace art over and over again provided silicon lace mat. How to store the edible lace you made for future use. Edible lace color technique using powder or gel pastes to achieve pastel colors. Can be achieved dark colors using air brush. More Class Coming * Brush Painting Rose or Hibiscus Art with Hand Writing Edible Sticker * 3D Lace Flowers Technique * Edible Lace Stained Glass Painting are coming soon. We have so many techniques to teach you from edible cards to edible stickers and you can use this idea all year round again and again. You will have hands on experience and have a lots of fun.

For those no time to make the edible lace, we sell pre-made ready to apply at the class. We sell and search FoodDecoArt. Month of October, sales tax included amd no shipping/handling charge local Las Vegas purchase.

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