Xocolatl Holiday Gift Sets

Xocolatl—Atlanta’s beloved small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker—is selling holiday gift sets inside Xocolatl’s shop at Krog Street Market and online for nationwide shipping (or order by calling 470-231-9563 or emailing sales@xocolatlchocolate.com). Each set includes small-batch chocolates and other special items made in-house at Xocolatl’s micro-factory, beautifully packaged in a festive, limited edition gift box.


For the baker and chocolate enthusiast in your life. Make your loved ones’ time in the kitchen even sweeter with:

- 8-ounce bar of single-origin baking chocolate

- Vanilla Cacao Extract made in-house from cacao, vanilla beans, bourbon, and vodka

- Cacao Nibs

- Raw cacao beans

- 6 recipes using chocolate



Upgrade winter nights with Xocolatl’s indulgent drinking chocolates and luxurious toppings. This set includes:

- Single Origin Drinking Chocolate

- Marshmallows by Malvi (handmade in Atlanta)

- Sea salt

- Xocolatl Spice Blend No 7

- One 10 oz mug

- One 5 oz demitasse cup



Incorporate antioxidant-rich chocolate into your holiday tea routine with:

- 10oz Xocolatl mug

- Divine Herbal Theobroma Cacao Tea

- Assortment of loose, chocolate tea blends, with varieties including:

o Ancient Pu-erh tea

o Jasmine Green Tea

o Oolong Tea

o Vanilla-Mint Tea



Stock up for the season with intense chocolate flavor in six special varieties, including:

- 3 single-origin, dark chocolate bars (including a Limited Edition 75% Vietnam Single Origin Bar with tasting notes including deep cocoa, amaretto, and tart cherry)

- 3 flavored, dark chocolate bars

- Chocolate hazelnut spread

- Drinking Chocolate

- Divine Herbal Theobroma Cacao Tea


About Xocolatl

Xocolatl is a small-batch, chocolate micro-factory located inside Atlanta’s nationally renowned food hall Krog Street Market. All chocolates are made from cacao that is sustainably and ethically grown, harvested, fermented and sun-dried on small farms throughout the Americas and East Africa. Once Xocolatl’s team receives whole beans imported to Atlanta, they inspect the beans, picking out by hand any inferior or broken beans, then hand-crack, winnow, and stone-grind them for days until they become a beautiful chocolate liquor. They use only two ingredients - cacao and organic cane sugar - in their single-origin dark chocolate. No added cocoa butter, no soy emulsifiers and no fillers of any kind so that what you taste is the true flavor of the chocolate from different regions. Their flavored bars are also made of two-ingredient chocolate, but have additional flavor ingredients like peppermint or dried apple or sea salt, all sourced with an eye for local, organic and fair. By sticking with just cacao and cane sugar, the end result yields bars that are not only delicious, but that are also vegan, soy and gluten free.

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