Pentatonix at Infinite Energy Center

If you have never seen a Pentatonix Show LIVE you are missing out on one of the most incredible shows of this lifetime. Yes. Ash Said It! Although a lot of their fanbase appeared to be teenagers, a lot of adults over 25 (without children) could be seen in the crowds.

I embarked upon an experience that would make me believe in musical artistry again. Mainstream media seems to crank out manufactured artists on what seems like a daily basis. These artists do not have a direct connection to the music that they perform. Most of them don't even believe in it. It's all about the almighty dollar. In addition, if they don't believe in what they're doing there is no way that they can connect with an audience.

My teenage cousin has been ranting and raving about Pentatonix, for over a year now. I finally decided to YouTube them and to my surprise they are all astonishingly talented. This acapella ensemble consists of five vocalists: Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirsten Maldonado, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola.

The November 16th show took place at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia. This venue is one of my favorites for several reasons. Parking is free. It is always a struggle to find cheap parking while in downtown Atlanta. I had peace of mind when pulling up to the arena. The vendors are always accommodating. There are food and drink choices for all ages. Everything from burgers to pizza are usually available during events. Lastly, the seating comfortable. Unlike some venues that have hard plastic seats, the seats in the arena are cushioned.

From what I read about them online, they attract astronomically large crowds wherever they go. I got there at a decent hour and was ready for the show. Their paraphernalia table was crowded. I couldn’t even see what was on sale. Children of all ages were in attendance and hyped about seeing their favorite band. Despite the negativity in the media, it was heartwarming to see people of all ages and nationalities gathered in one place.

I LOVED the fact that this show started on time. Bravo Live Nation! I have attended concerts in the past that start whenever they feel like it. I applaud every single person that attributed to this show starting at 8 o'clock on the dot. If its a Live Nation show, it will be on time.

The first act up was a vivacious young lady named Abi. I got a flashback of the 80's singer Tiffany when I saw her. She had a fun element to her performance. She is young but certainly talented. Her energy was contagious and the crowd loved her. She performed a song called "Put a Bow on it". Perfect track to get folks into the holiday spirit.

I had never heard of the next act until that night. Us The Duo came out on the stage and they were just real. I’m not sure how to explain it. They didn't have big flashy costumes or sequined microphones. They were authentically themselves on stage. I Loved That. They explained that they were a married couple that find joy through music. Track after track I was amazed with their synergy on stage. They love each other and it radiates through their music. I had to purchase their latest project "Just Love" upon exiting.

Then it was time for the main show. The house lights dropped and the entire arena went bananas! If the Pentatonix were seeking a dramatic entrance, they certainly achieved it. The fan favorite track "Can't Sleep Love" played and fans screamed in anticipation. When the stage lights revealed our favorite vocalists, the energy was unlike anything I ever experienced. I have NEVER witnessed 5 voices that fit together so well.

I was simply mesmerized by how effortlessly their voices harmonized without instruments. Beatboxing is a talent but they have created a completely different genre. All 5 have separate parts and don't overshadow one another. That’s the sign of good teamwork. They allow for one another to have their moment to shine. I enjoyed them as they did a mini Michael Jackson tribute including songs from the Jackson 5 to some of his later work. They appreciate the impact that MJ left of the music world.

I watched tons of their videos prior to the show but I didn't expect to be so blown away. Kevin Olusola had a solo. This gave the stage hands time to reset. Kevin can play the saxophone, piano and the cello. He sat in the center of the stage with his cello in place. I have a special place in my heart for string instruments. As a child I played the violin for many years. But like anything else, if you don't use it you lose it.

Kevin then said that he loved the Bach prelude suite one since he was young. He was going to play it for us with a bit of a twist. He began to play and he executed exceptionally. Didn't miss a note. I was impressed by his precision. Then something happened. I had no idea what I was in for. He paused and started to beatbox. Then he continued playing the cello. WHAT?! My mind exploded as I watched in awe of this genius. Never have I been so dazzled in sheer disbelief of a performance. Bravo Kevin!

I am thoroughly astounded by this show. The opening acts did exactly what they were suppose to do. They warmed up the crowd for the main event. Unfortunately, many concerts open with lackluster performers that make the crowd inpatient. It did not happen at this show. Both Abi and Us The Duo kept the energy high.

When the Pentatonix came out everyone, including myself, lost their minds! Not only did they give a stellar performance but they did so with joy. I can tell that they love what they do. It's obvious to me and anyone that has ever seen them live. I went in as a reporter and walked out a fan. I salute the Pentatonix on a show well done!

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