LanierWorld Winter Adventure **REVIEW**

LanierWorld's Winter Adventure at Lake Lanier Islands is an incredible experience for the entire family. From the 7 mile holiday light displays to the bubble machine in the ice rink, there is something for everyone to be excited about. I had the privilege of being invited to media night this past Friday. I was elated by the opportunity and could not wait for the big night.

I have lived in Georgia for over 27 years and I have never been to Lake Lanier. When my family moved here there were not many options for young children. Stone Mountain Park and Lake Lanier were not exactly kid friendly at the time. Boating was the theme back then and my family just wasn't into it. Fast forward 20+ years and that is quite the different situation.

LanierWorld blew me away with the impeccable 7 mile light displays. I saw gingerbread men, princesses and even Santa. The lights were high quality. These were not the average decorations that you find out local department stores. These displays were very extravagant and detail oriented. At one point I even saw two santas toss a present back and forth. I would have loved to see such an array of displays as a child.

Bubbles from the ice rink greeted me as I entered the beginning of the park. Thousands of bubbles filled the air as children of all ages and some adults glided on the ice. It was truly the makings of a winter wonderland.

Bucky's gift shop was the next stop while on my journey. I lost track of how many Christmas trees I saw. Themed trees, glitter trees, team trees and everything in between. I even saw a themed tree for baby's first Christmas. There were so many well crafted ornaments there.

Sweet aromas from Santa's workshop pulled me across the walkway. This workshop was like nothing I have ever seen before. Santa's helpers were ready to take custom hot chocolate orders from behind the counter. Jolly ol Saint Nick was set to take pictures with little boys and girls. His sleigh was equipped with all the essentials for a successful sleigh ride this season.

Outside there was a humongous fire pit. This is the biggest one that I've ever seen in my life! Families gathered around the pit to make homemade smores. It was nice to see families together enjoying one another. The flames were high but it certainly kept guests warm.

Dozens of children enjoyed the slide and snow displays throughout the park. They were delighted to make snowballs and toss them at one another, In addition to this, there was a 5 story screen playing "A Muppet Christmas Carol". Who doesn't love the Muppets? This setting was perfect for a family night out. However, I did see quite a few couples out enjoying the scenery. This also makes for a perfect date night.

There was no shortage of adult beverages on hand. Past the "Arctic Gap" tunnel, there was a bar. In front of the bar there was another giant fire pit. Adults crowded this pit. I could tell that they appreciated the peace and quiet that surrounded them. They got to sit in the sand on the beach and watch the flames climb. What a life.

The resident bartender Wanda introduced me to her spiked hot chocolate menu. She described how she created these warm concoctions to gratify adult guests. Wanda has been with the company for over 6 years. She gushed over how far the brand has progressed. She was brimming with pride for a company she had grown to appreciate wholeheartedly. She didn't have to tell me how much she loved this company. It showed.

There were countless carnival rides such as a merry go round, bumper cars and a ferris wheel. A bright yellow food stand commanded attention from spectators. They had everything! Funnel cakes, corn dogs even fried oreos. Yes, fried oreos. Anything fried usually tastes great. I like having options.

There was a tent set up with food items for guests. Edamame & wasabi hummus, homemade macaroni & cheese, brisket sliders, loaded potato tarts, and a beautiful artisan cheese & cracker board.

Management is doing an exemplary job. Every staffer that I encountered enjoys their job and takes it serious. Their mission is to make sure that every guest has an exceptional experience. When I got lost, the parking attendant had no problem directing me with a smile. As I entered the park, I was so warmly greeted and hugged. There was no way I could have felt more at home here.

If you are in the metro Atlanta area or surrounding city you need to make your way here before the season is out. It is worth the trip. Book a room at the resort and make a weekend out of it. You will be so glad that you did.

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