Ovation Cinema Grill Lawrenceville - **REVIEW**

This new cinema is absolutly gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it. The waiting area has a fireplace. The architects and interior designers are geniuses. The color schemes work, the furniture is extra comfy and the space is genuinely welcoming. The bar seems endless and the staff is courteous. I'm not sure what regular priced tickets cost but I caught a matinée. My ticket was $5. That's reasonable. They asked me if I was going to order drinks & I informed them that I would. They asked to see my ID. I showed it & they put a fluorescent green wristband on me. Kind of annoying b/c I hate wearing them but whatever. I'm not sure why it would be an issue for the server to get it when they take my order. I ordered shrimp quesadillas with chips & salsa. The quesadillas had way too much cheese. You couldn't enjoy the spices, assuming it was seasoned. It was as if they were trying to divert my attention from the lack of shrimp. I was hungry so I let it slide. I could not overlook the stale chips that accompanied the plate. The chips had that soft characteristic. As if they were out for some time. Maybe even overnight. I called my server and told her I was displeased with the chips. She brought me fries as a sub. Equally disappointed in the fries. They were salty and had a sweet taste like they were fried in the same grease as the funnel cake. Not good. I'm totally a fries connoisseur. Still I watched the rest of Moana removed from the world fully reclined. The seats are electric recliners. There are buttons to the right of the chair that control it. That was original and a plus for this Theatre. Overall this is a wonderful new extablishment for lawrenceville. This was there first week so I will give them another try in the coming months. By then they should definitely have their act together. And I'll be able to give 5 beautiful stars for a job well done!

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