Bon Glaze

It wasn't easy finding the perfect doughnut. What was even harder was perfecting it. Having lived in St. Petersburg, New Orleans and San Francisco and cities in between, Kelly and Kenny Keith tasted all sorts of doughnut concoctions from the simple to the complex, What we realized is that there was a lack of a doughnut imagineering allowing people a decadent and memorable doughnut experience. So, Bon Glaze was born.

Bon Glaze is our culinary doughnut offering to the world. It's the culmination of everything we found and learned in our travels combined into a decadently delicious experience. From scratch made glazes, gourmet frostings, and fillings to natural wood smoked bacon the Bon Glaze experience is one where you can indulge in decadence.

Stay tuned as the story continues...

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