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Trinity Designs, Inc. Unveils New Cancer Awareness Doll

Doll designer and retailer shares their newest #Slay Cancer dolls with the world. They have introduced "Rochelle B. and Trisha O." as a tribute to the many women who have fought, are fighting or will fight the battle against cancer.

These 16 inch beauties are sure to be a collectible women everywhere can identify with having either experienced this battle firsthand or having known or loved someone that has. The #SlayCancer doll is a celebration of the strength and beauty within the women slaying cancer.

TDI will be donating a portion of the proceeds of their #SlayCancer dolls to The American Cancer Society in support of the great work they do for the women and families slaying cancer.

The Slay Cancer dolls are available to preorder via the website. More details are on the site as well.

This independent doll retailer is located in suburban Houston, TX and was founded in 2006. This new edition to their collection will further align them with their greater mission to place dolls in the marketplace that women and children can identify with.

For more details on Trinity Designs, Inc. visit their website:

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