Black History Month vs Black Future February

With the new year already in its second month, it is time to recognize our Black history. One might ask the question, "But why is it important?"

Why is it important for us to know about the works of a Booker T. Washington? Why is it relevant for a little girl to learn about the adventures of the trail blazing woman Ida B. Wells? Why would a young boy interested in astronomy, math, engineering and science need to learn about likes of Benjamin Banneker or George Washington Carver? The answer is very simple.

We learn about the life and times of those who came before us for many reasons. One reason is simply because it is inspiring. When a young person learns about someone who was a pioneer in their field, a leader in their community, and a champion for their cause and who looks like them, they are inspired to carry on with the same focus, energy, and intensity as those who paved the way.

When we hear about the trials and tribulations of our ancestors who worked tirelessly at their craft despite the challenges and obstacles, we are inspired to make our mark in this new world that we live in. When a young boy touches the hair of President Barack Obama and is in awe that the President of the United States has the same hair as his own, that child in that moment is inspired and confident that he too can be elected president tomorrow.

Black history is not only American history, it is world history. We use the past as inspiration and fuel to chase and fulfill our dreams today. In addition, it serves a more powerful purpose. Black history is a reminder, a glance into the window of the past, a transcript and blueprint, a seed planted and harvested so that we may flourish in the Black present. And in the present we continue to plant new seeds of inspiration, cultivate the land of our young minds, and ensure a bountiful harvest of knowledge for what is of the utmost importance, to prepare the Black Future.

Melanin Origins Children's book company is in existence to create tools that will elevate the Black Future. What's your M.O.?

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