Caribbean Fiesta - Alpharetta

I've passed by this spot for years and never got the opportunity to stop until now. I stopped here between teaching sessions for lunch. The decor was eye catching and very reminiscent of the Caribbean. The only downfall was it was 90+ degrees out & they did not have much if any air conditioning. So I decided on the stuffed salmon. I'm glad I did. The server told me the salmon was stuffed with crab and shrimp. My sides were rice & peas and plantain. I love plantain. It's a staple item with traditional Caribbean food. I'm almost insulted if there's no fry plantain! Lol The fish was on point & cooked to perfection. The rice & peas was lightly seasoned and the abundance of plantain made my tummy smile. I am so glad I gave them a try. When I'm back on that side of town, I will definitely stop by. Please fix the air! It's gonna be a heat stroke summer!

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