Hidden Figures - The Read on the Book, STEM, and Women's Issues

The Movie Hidden Figures was Aaaamazing- right!

Since the book is on your reading list and March is Women's History Month, join the Upsilon Alpha Omega Chapter-Connection Committee, Hidden Figures of Georgia, and guest panelist for a Read on the Book, celebration of women in STEM, and dialogue on critical Women's Issues. We have a great event planned for you.

  • Reading the book is NOT required

  • Author Margot Shetterly has sent an AUTOGRAPHED memento for you! [Limited quantity, must be registered & present, 1/household).

  • Bring your family & friends-women & men alike; STEM advocates and workers; and anyone that participated in the Women's March- we'll see you there.

  • Know a Hidden Figure in the Georgia community? Email their information so we can invite & recognize them (koifisher@comcast.net)

  • Parents/ Caretakers: Content & format may not sustain the interest of children/students under the age of 16.

#PrettyGirlsStand #womenshistorymonth

CLICK HERE for Tickets!

P.S. Order book driectly on Amazon for best prices. New Dominion Bookshop will have autographed books available mid-March (434) 295-2552

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