Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinders ***REVIEW

Two are definitely better than 1. This salt and pepper grinder set are pretty awesome. They operate seamlessly. I was a bit surprised to find that they use 4 AA batteries. I am used to appliances that use AAA.

I love the fact that it is composed of BPA free materials. That is a very important factor when choosing kitchen tools. Make sure you check labels before you purchase.

The surface had grip and is fingerprint resistant. How cool is that? Very Cool!

I went to my local market to pick up sea salt and organic peppercorns. Before I knew it I was grinding fresh peppercorn over my greek shrimp salad.

These products are unlike any on the market. They both have little lights in the center of the grinder so you can watch what you put on your food. A flashlight? Really? Yes. Really.

The settings for how fine or coarse you want it are basic. The instruction manual is not complicated and answers all questions.

I was totally impressed with this product. They are lightweight even with the spices/salt that you add. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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