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Gwinnett Ballet Theatre Presents Journey

I had the pleasure of attending the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre's presentation of Journey this past weekend. It was an exhilerating poetry in motion across the stage. This is a story of a young man's evolution. It walks us through his life struggles of the past to his current state.

I am always blown away by the precision of these performers. I love seeing all stages of performers blending together for an amazing performance. The age range is 3 to 17 Artistic Director Wade Walthall is a genius!

From beginning to end, the audience is captivated by the beautifully crafted choreography. Every dancer is in sync with the next. Every one hits their mark. My eyes were drawn in my their feet. It perplexes my mind as I watched the sharp movements. How are they able to balance on their tippy toes like that?

Many of their performers have been in ballet since they were old enough to walk. Its not for everyone. However, I see many of these students continuing their journey in dance as some graduate. Gwinnett Ballet Theatre should be proud to add so many valuable assets to the world of art.

They have worked hard this season and it certainly shows. I cannot wait for the next production. Kudos Gwinnett Ballet Theatre on a job well done!

Check out for upcoming performances as well as company info.

Photo Credit: Richard Calms

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