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Author Beverly N. Vercher Interview

Ash Brown gets an exclusive interview with international author Beverly N. Vercher. Click Here for full audio.

Check out her bio below:

Beverly N. Vercher, lives in Gaffney, SC with her husband, Anthony, where she’s raised three children. She’s a Motivational Speaker and author of Good Hearts are the Easiest Broken (2015) and she’s also the author of Back At One, The Novel (2009).

She started writing poems when she was a teenager as a hobby and as she grew older she started writing short stories, making personalized greeting cards, and she eventually started writing novels.

Once she completed her first novel, Back At One, she knew that writing is more than a hobby but a passion and she wanted to be a published author.

Back At One was published in 2009, then after a long break she published Good Hearts are the Easiest Broken in 2015. She will release her third and forth novels, Shattered but not Broken and The Beauty is in The Brokeness, in 2017.

As the CEO of the Good Hearts Movement, her mission is to travel the world and empower men and women of all ages. Through her personal testimony of brokenness and survival, she wants to inspire others to dream big and be the example of how you can overcome any obstacle if you just believe in yourself and most of all believe in God. She is proof that your dreams are attainable.

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