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Christina Blossey, Piercing Experience Owner

Christina is available for piercings Wednesday through Saturday. On Friday and Saturday she is available by appointment only.

I became interested in piercing as a means of adornment and differentiation, and as a rite of passage for myself. As I became more involved in the profession, I realized the potential to involve my interest in science, engineering, materials science, and art, and to have a vocation that represented many facets of my personality.

Initially I was not interested in body piercing as a profession. In fact, my initial interactions with practitioners actually turned me off somewhat, with their lack of professionalism and seeming disregard for the recipients of their arts. And, quite frankly, piercers that I met seemed disinterested - they didn't care at all for the "why" or "how" of any aspect of the business.

It almost seemed as if piercing was a last resort, not a passion. It really made the whole thing seem pretty one-dimensional.

It was only after being a client of Brian's that I considered this as a profession for myself. He introduced me to other facets of the art - the science, reasoning, compassion, etc - that really gave body piercing dimension and a framework from which to grow. I felt almost a responsibility to become a practitioner and be one of the few who cared.

As I became more involved, I also realized that it was ok to be a nerd and be interested in piercing. That part of me appreciates the research, and also knowing that every aspect of the procedure is done with a purpose. I can be researching a new material used for hip replacements one minute, reading a CDC article on an outbreak of drug resistant bacteria the next. Over the years I've been able to learn a lot from Brian and many other colleagues who have stopped through Piercing Experience, and look forward to learning and sharing with colleagues in the future.

The other great thing about piercing is that I get an outlet for artistic expression, both in actual piercing and in the jewelry as well. I love every opportunity I get to be involved in designs for new jewelry or to make some myself. I also like knowing that clients get to feel adorned.

As Brian's focus shifted away from the everyday runnings of the business, my role expanded. When Brian made the decision to move to Europe on a more permanent basis, I was happy to take the opportunity to take over ownership of the studio. I really look forward to continuing the mission of Piercing Experience - enhancing the safety and comfort of those seeking body piercing.

Christina Blossey Owner/Piercer

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