Time to Seal-abrate

Georgia Aquarium is home to three harbor seals – Rose, Floyd, and Cerberus. At Georgia Aquarium, our harbor seals are found in our Cold Water Quest gallery, sharing a habitat with beluga whales.

All three seals were born in April of 2009, which means they will be eight years old this April! Rose, Floyd, and Cerberus were all born in human care, and arrived at Georgia Aquarium in 2010 from SeaWorld Orlando. They engage with trainers daily on a variety of behaviors that helps us care for them, and helps keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Seals are part of the Pinnipedia group, which includes walruses, eared seals such as sea lions and fur seals, and earless (or true) seals, like the harbor seal. Earless seals refer to the lack of a visible ear flap on the sides of the head. While the lack of ear flaps helps tell the difference between seals and sea lions, seals are unable to rotate their rear flippers under its pelvis like a sea lion can.

Harbor seals move on land with a caterpillar-like motion, while sea lions are able to walk on their back flippers. Watch this video to see their movement in action!

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