Ash Brown's Birthday at Ru San's ***REVIEW

They love me! I've never felt more welcomed to a new spot. I was warmly greeted with smiles from ear to ear. They were happy to see me & I could feel it. It was midday on a Saturday and they were packed. It didn't take them long to seat me at the bar. The interior was beautiful. The open kitchen is a unique touch. Even the chefs were cheerful. I checked out the drink menu and saw a few interesting options. My server informed me of the cocktails that were half sake half margherita mix. Really? That sounds tasty. I ordered the Mango Tango and I am so glad I did! It was like biting into a ripe mango. Absolutely delicious. I decided on the scallop fried rice. Sounded interesting enough. Scallops, zucchini, squash, onions, carrots, peas and eggs. This dish was as beautiful as it was fulfilling. I was satisfied. But just when I was about to ask for my ticket.... My server brought out a beautifully decadent fried ice cream display. She saw it was my birthday when she checked my ID earlier. I had no idea. She and 2 chefs sang happy birthday to me. I love this spot. They instantly make you feel like family :)

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