Huskers Cafe ***REVIEW

This cafe was a delight! I grew up in this area but rarely get a chance to visit. I got the opportunity this week. I remember this suite. It used to be an Asian restaurant. A lot has changed. The dining room is spacious yet welcoming. You seat yourself so we did. Immediately, we were greeted with the warmest server. She was smiling from ear to ear. She didn't know us but already bit felt like family. I didn't want anything heavy so I got an egg white biscuit with a side of hashbrowns. The place was semi-packed. They have taken the stance of a brunch diner that closes at 3pm. Clearly they have created quite the fan base. Every person that walked in happily greeted the staff as if they were old friends. My plate came and it was beautiful. Honestly, this was the best biscuit I've had in some time. It was fresh and not from a freezer. It was as light and as fluffy as a cloud in the sky! How did they do it? The egg whites were cooked to perfection and the hashbrowns were grand. They had an oldies playlist laced with all the favorites: The OJays, the Jackson 5 even some Cher! I am so glad we had a chance to try out this hidden gem located right outside of Stone Mountain park.

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