Lucianos Atlanta ***REVIEW

Birthday festivities continue here. We went here for lunch still celebrating a certain Aries' Lady's birthday (me). For one, the dining room is way bigger than what it appears to be from the outside. It's a big open space with many mini table settings. Can seat a party of 2-4. In the side areas are the larger table settings. On this afternoon, there was a large number of people having brunch but because of all the space it was thoroughly distributed. People were not cramped up next to strangers. They sat us at a table near the front. The tables had beautiful linen tablecloths. I didn't want lunch and decided to have a cocktail. I ordered a peach tea sangria. Omg. It was so good. It had peach schnapps and champagne with a hint of tea. Then I decided on a different type of entree. I got the blackened Scottish salmon & linguine alfredo. Sounded divine. While waiting for the food, my delightful server brought out fresh bread and dipping oil. I'm a big fan of some good bread but this bread was heavenly. The middle was moist and practically melts in your mouth. The entree. The salmon was cooked to perfection and seasons just right. The linguine was good as well. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what made the alfredo so well crafted. However I enjoyed it as well. Before I knew it, they brought out their new dessert. The pistachio sponge cake. Again. OMG! The pistachio whipped cream, pistachio pieces, dried fruit and delectable sponge cake were an extraordinary combination. Overall this was a great visit. My server was more than attentive and made sure we were alright. The GM was visible but did not greet people or seem approachable at all. Could have been a bad day for him. I don't know. What I do know is that I've found another hidden gem outside the perimeter.

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