My mini vacation to the Florida keys was complete with the arrival of my LOLL turkish poncho. This beach accessory is very necessary. I love the soft cloth fabric. Its light enough to wear over a bathing suit without feeling like you're wearing a jacket. Its light weight and not clingy. It really is like wearing a towel.

This garment is perfect for any occasion and not just the beach. While on vacation, I found myself lounging in the hotel in it. If I felt like pulling over the hoodie, I could do that too! I like the fluffy cloth material but I love the fact that this poncho isn't bulky or lined with plastic.

While on the beach, there was an easy transition from taking it off and hoping into the ocean. When we were done playing in the water, I swiftly slipped back into my cozy poncho. Everyone was jealous. They kept asking where I got it. No one had ever seen anything like it before. Truth be told neither had I.

The LOLL poncho towel is the best investment you will make for yourself. Not only is it great for the beach but its fun to lounge around in the house with.

I tip my hat to Ms Lara and her team for executing an amazing product that will continue to circulate in countries worldwide. Be sure to check out all the designs on their website.

Click Here to order your poncho Today. Summer is right around the corner and popular designs are selling out like hotcakes. GET YOURS TODAY!

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