National Georgraphic #LA92 ***REVIEW

I attended the media screening of LA 92 this past Monday in Atlantic Station. I had an idea of how it would be but never expected what erupted on the screen. I don't believe I've ever seen such violence in 'Real Life'. This was no fairy tale. It was reality staring us in the face.

The racial climate of 1992 was high from a myriad of injustice. At that time I was 9 years old and completely unaware of what transpired in Los Angeles. I remember commotion about the LA riots on the news but I didn't truly understand.

This documentary was is unlike any on the face of the earth. There was no narrator. Usually documentaries have someone to walk you through what is happening on the screen. This was a brand new take on the idea of film. The directors wanted audiences to watch this conglomerate of raw footage and come to their own conclusions.

The footage was put into a timeline and that timeline filled in a lot of blank spaces for me. I left the theatre changed. Certain parts were difficult to watch. Why? I had to constantly remind myself that these were actual events and not cgi animations. I turned away from the screen several times. Yes, it was that bad. These were human beings. They were Americans.

After watching these sequence of events, it's not plausible to state that race was not a factor. I had no clue that so much more was tied in. It shed light on alot that the general public would never know otherwise. And it opened up the door for dialogue afterwords.

Every American, on US soil or not, needs to see this feature. Whether we want to admit it or not this is our history. It will change your life forever. I applaud the directors and everyone involved with this venture. Thank you for telling a story that was not meant to be told. Thank You 135 St Agency for keeping me in the loop with the cream of the crop events.

Watch it live or record LA 92 this Sunday on National Geographic 9/8c.

Click Here for more on the project.

Check out my video reaction to the film below.

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