Taco Mac McDonough - REVIEW

Taco Mac McDonough

Kudos Taco Mac on a job well done! The store itself is incredible. This is their 30th store nationwide and they pulled out all the stops. There is no shortage of flat screens. Every angle of this establishment is covered in them. It was almost overwhelming.

With over 120 different brews to choose from, there was a lot going on behind the counter.

The food is superb! We ordered mozzarella sticks and they were the BEST mozzarella sticks I've EVER had! Hand down. I had the mango salmon salad and it was the best salad I've had at a restaurant all year! The greens were fresh, the magi salsa was ripe and the salmon was scrumptious! I didn't know what I was missing out on with having salmon rubbed down before cooking it. It is a tasty sensation that puts you on cloud nine! Last but certainly not least I indulged in the chocolate stout pie. This creamy confection was reminiscent of a snickers bar. If you whipped it and made the nougat mousse. This brand new store is off to a great start! My hope & wish is for them to continue down this path. Special shout to everyone that made this grand opening a success!

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