Workout-Gear That’s Sexy and Stylish Enough to Wear Out!

Funky Diva is all about active fashion, not active wear. These are clothes you can wear out on the town and at your favorite fitness studio. These active fashion designs are creating a lot of buzz because of their edgy cuts, quality fabrics, and sexy styles.

Funky Diva is the mastermind of designer and dancer, Deborah Hendrix who was a star at dance and fitness studios across Hollywood. She was tired of seeing fellow dancers try out for J Lo and Janet music videos in the same ol’ tired clothes. Deborah is now creating dance wear for women all over the world.

But women outside the professional dance ranks are eying her clothes too. Funky Diva allows women to feel sexy and embrace their curves, while showing off their feminine, urban, and athletic sides.

You’ll see this line out at the club, during happy hour, and on weekend getaways with the girls. Funky Diva is about so much more than a gym session. Once you put on their leggings or tops, you’re going to want to turn on some loud beats, let your hair down, and set yourself free!

It’s no wonder women are snatching up these urban and street styles. And they love the cool factor that comes with knowing these clothes are worn by professional Hollywood dancers!

Check out their sleek looks here:

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