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Wholesome Entrepreneurs Create Flamous Brands, Chips

Flamous Brands, Chips all started because a family cared about what they were feeding their loved ones. One of the founders owned a neighborhood restaurant in Pasadena, California where he created a recipe for a snack chip that was so unique, so healthy, and so delicious, he had to share it with the world!

Since 2007, this family owned and run company has worked hard to create a brand that they felt was safe for their family so you could confidently give your loved ones a snack food that’s nutritious and tasty! They are now a nationally recognized brand that produces high quality snacks that people of all ages enjoy with hummus or alone!

These snacks are not only certified gluten-free but they are also certified vegan, certified kosher, non-GMO verified, and 100% USDA organic. The Flamous Brands, Chips family didn’t cut any corners in creating each of their amazing flavors!

Some of the most popular Flamous Brands, Chips flavors include:

  • Original Falafel

  • Organic Spicy Falafel

  • Organic Sprouted Multigrain Zatar

  • Sprouted Multigrain Rosemary & Thyme

  • Spicy Fiesta

Be sure to get your Flamous Brands, Chips in your pantry today! They’re a brand you can trust because they’re a brand that cares for you like family!

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