Introducing the Wetsleeve: A Breakthrough in Comfortable, Wearable Hydration

A game-changer in daily fitness is born with the launch of Wetsleeve, an innovative and patented lightweight hydration solution worn right on the forearm. It makes hydration seamless and effortless — users can drink from the wrist without breaking their athletic momentum. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts no longer have to carry around bottles or wear bulky and impractical hydration packs while on the move. Designed with comfort, ease of use, sustainability, and streamlined mobility in mind, it incorporates a refillable 12oz (350ml) liquid reservoir and is available in three sizes (S,M,L). Wetsleeve is suitable for virtually all sports and activities, including running, hiking, cycling, paddle boarding, skateboarding, kitesurfing, diving, general fitness, yoga, and fishing, among others.

Crafted from breathable, soft, water resistant materials, Wetsleeve is gentle on the skin and ensures optimal comfort at all times. The 3D mesh lining on its underside lets the skin breathe while ensuring an elastic, yet firm and streamlined fit. Wetsleeve also incorporates two built-in pockets perfect for carrying personal belongings like cards, keys or headphones.

After opening Wetsleeve’s zippered pocket on the outside, the easily accessible hydration reservoir is taken out and filled up with water or the hydration drink of choice, before being placed back in the sleeve. The silicone mouthpiece situated towards the wrist allows the user to hydrate effortlessly from a natural, ergonomic position. Wetsleeve’s built-in insulated lining ensures the liquid inside stays cool during extended use. The reservoir, made from FDA-approved food grade materials was meticulously designed to compress after every sip to minimize ‘sloshing’, while the integrated spine ensures the liquid contents stay evenly distributed at all times, even during rigorous activities.

“The existing options for hands-free hydration were severely lacking,” says co-founder David Herring. He continues, “I hated having to carry a water bottle with me. I needed a lightweight and comfortable solution that gave me easy access to the hydration I needed, without weighing me down. With the Wetsleeve, we were able to achieve just that. It provides the perfect balance of convenience, comfort and capacity. As an athlete and avid outdoor enthusiast, I can use it for virtually any activity, and with it, I’m able to push myself to go even further without disrupting my momentum.”

Wetsleeve has partnered with the award-winning design firm Development Never Stops (DNS). Based in Switzerland, DNS holds 16 international design awards for their work in the activewear industry to date. Together, the two teams have worked closely with athletes in usability and testing to ensure Wetsleeve’s performance and durability under a wide range of conditions, activities and terrains. After three generations of prototypes, countless iterations and meticulously chosen premium materials, Wetsleeve has secured top notch reputable manufacturers and is ready for large scale production.

Wetsleeve is available to pre-order exclusively on Kickstarter from June 6th until August 3rd, with expected first deliveries in October 2017. Campaign page:

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