QUBYX Software Technologies Inc. developing high end software solutions for medical imaging

Wilmington, DE, USA - QUBYX Software Technologies Inc., a company developing high end solutions for medical imaging and color management industries, received FDA (510K) clearance for its DICOM calibration tool and the Dell UP3017 monitor to be used for review and diagnostics of medical images. In radiology departments, it is important that display systems are perfectly reliable, since image reproduction can play a key role in an accurate diagnosis.

Displays from big names in the business typically cost many thousands of dollars. They are well tuned, often have fancy features. But not everyone wants to spend $5,000 on a screen.

PerfectLum is a software from QUBYX, a company developing high end solutions for medical imaging, that through calibration effectively turns a consumer monitor into a perfectly compliant medical display.

After the bundles with DELL U3011, U3014, UP3216Q QUBYX now received its fourth FDA (510K) clearance for its DICOM calibration tool and a DELL monitor.

The new bundle with the 30 inch, 4MP DELL UP3017 monitor and PerfectLum does significantly reduce costs, without compromising image quality. The bundle PerfectLum & DELL UP3017 is available at a price of only $US 1.649

Technical specs:

· 4 megapixel

· 30 inch

· 2560 x 1600 native resolution

· 350cd/m2 brightness

· 14-bit internal lookup table (LUT) for accurate DICOM calibration

PerfectLum can calibrate nearly any display and is both a medical display calibration software ensuring the compliance of any computer monitor and projector with DICOM Part 14 GSDF, and a monitor quality assurance (QA) tool. The software offers scheduling for calibration and QC tests, history, and a remote control feature. An administrator can monitor all the displays within the enterprise, launch calibration and/or QC checks and receive alerts. PerfectLum performs acceptance and constancy tests to verify that the display conforms to such regulations as AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-157, JESRA X-0093, IEC 62563-1, ACR, NY PDM and NYC PDM.

PerfectLum also received FDA (510K) clearance with the displays DIVA ZSP2105CMI and ZSP5812CMI from the taiwanese display maker DIVA Labs.

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