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Janet Lombardi talks being blindsided by DEBT

Author Janet Lombardi talks with Ash Brown about meeting her husband, the life they created and when everything came crashing down. She discusses how she overcame financial ruin in her book "Bankruptcy: A Love Story".

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More on the book:

Bankruptcy: A Love Story traces the compelling story of my family’s plunge into economic chaos after my attorney-husband is prosecuted for a white-collar crime and serves a year in prison.

As secrets are revealed, including a clandestine love affair between me, a suburban wife and mother, and a kooky female artist, I confront my own desires and demons, travel the route of survival, and navigate questions of love and redemption.

Bankruptcy: A Love Story roller coasters through sexual desire, addiction, financial collapse, and squandered love. Ultimately, the road back is lined with painful choices, desperate moves, and the knowledge that letting go provides the only real answer.

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