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Green Tree Jewelry - REVIEW

I was fascinated with the idea of wearing earrings made from wood. Would they be heavy? Would they be stylish? Will they be bulky?

Green Tree Jewelry has created a product line of earrings made of birch wood that are absolutely amazing! Each style is unique and very detailed. I was astonished at how light they are.

My biggest complaint about earrings is their weight. Some styles are absolutely breathtaking but end up giving me a headache after only a few hours. This was not a problem with Green Tree Jewelry.

I received the Ocean Pearl, Pineapple and Profile Sugar Skull earrings. My team and I were more than excited to sport them all at Essence Festival 2017.

I was so pleased to see that New Orleans was hip to the game! The first souvenir shop that we stopped in had a Green Tree Jewelry display. There were so many designs to choose from.

These earrings get the 'Ash Said It Stamp of Approval'. Most of every style is interchangeable and we were able to accommodate every outfit.

Go visit my friends over at Green Tree Jewelry for the latest arrivals to the collection. I am sure you will find something for everyone there.

Be sure to tell them that Ash Said it sent you that way!


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