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Flamous Chips ***REVIEW***

I have to admit that I was nervous about this new brand Flamous. I have been vegetarian for over a decade and I have tried a little bit of everything. Some new brands try too hard and miss the mark. There was only one way to find out.

I was headed to a party where I could share my new discovery. I made my world famous guacamole and headed to the gathering. I set the guac in the middle of the place setting while preparing the chips. I used 3 large bowls to see which flavor was more popular. The 3 flavors: original, spicy falafel and multigrain.

I tried all three flavors and to my surprise, they were great. I could hardly believe that vegan and full of fiber. I think they'll like it. The spicy falafel was the first to go! I didn't realize that so many people love some kick to their chip.

The flavors were present but not over powering. I couldn't taste all 21 herbs and spices. And I'm ok with that. This was a great compliment to my guacamole. The crunch really made it come together. Protein and antioxidants are good for everyone. If you want to try something new thats also a healthy option, give Flamous a try.

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