Atlanta Influencers: Best of the Pacific Rim ***REVIEW***

When I was invited to this CozyMeal affair, I did not know what to expect. I've never been to a cooking class until now. Would the instructor be warm and easy to follow? Or would they be about as exciting as a wet paper towel? Luckily, we got the cream of the crop.

It was set in the perfect location. Inside the Total Wine & More in Brookhaven, there is a culinary classroom. Perfect setting for our "Best of the Pacific Rim" experience.

Chef Jarvis was so refreshing. He was down to earth and wasn't condescending during the demonstration. He gave clear instructions but did not make us feel as if we were inexperienced in the kitchen. Even if were really were.

He had aprons with our names and the title "Advanced Sushi Chef" on it. That was a very personal touch that made us feel important.

Chef Jarvis introduced everyone to all the ingredients that we would use. We identified all the components of the perfect sushi roll. There was a little bit of everything there. There was raw salmon, cuddle fish, crab, chicken and so much more. We even learned what sushi meant. It means vinegar rice balls.

I have made sushi 1 time before. And my attempt did not end well. It was not the most appetizing plate to view.

Chef Jarvis had a set of principles that he uses when he presents a plate. He incorporates color, height, flavor and white space into every plate. He broke down and explained how each component helps to create a great dining experience. The plate must always look appealing to the eyes.

By the end of this presentation, I had consumed soup, salad, sushi and dessert. I don't remember the name of the dessert but it was delectable. It was a peach cobbler-like confection that was superb. It tasted homemade and wasn't drowned in sugar.

I did not expect to leave that night feeling so full. I thought that maybe I would get a few small bites but we ate well. Kudos to Chef Jarvis and his fellow chef that helped.

This was an incredible experience that everyone in Atlanta and beyond should have. CozyMeal gets the 'Ash Said It' stamp of approval. I cannot wait until next time!


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