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Pretty Powerful by Eboni K. Williams

Why should a smart, credentialed woman with professional ambition focus on her looks? Because, in our image-driven society, looks matter. It’s a fact confirmed by studies conducted by Newsweek and others: attractive women have the edge on getting hired and promoted. Still, many women fear that playing up their beauty will distract and detract from the effort they’ve put into building up their brains.

A media legal analyst recently promoted to co-host of The Fox News Specialists, Eboni K. Williams long struggled to reconcile her credentials as an attorney and determination to be taken seriously for what she had to say concerning the law, politics, and social justice with her commitment, from years of working as an actress and model, and competing in pageants, to how she looked. Over her professional journey, Williams, to her relief, discovered: “With the coexistence of attention to both substance and appearance, I feel empowered.” In Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success (Viva; September 12, 2017; $21.99) Eboni K. Williams encourages and empowers every woman to develop all of her strengths and flaunt all of her assets—feminist and feminine—without apology.

Part memoir, part manifesto, Pretty Powerful interweaves stories from Eboni’s family history, childhood, and career path with insights from dynamic women in law, politics, the media, and business who have found their own way of merging style with clout.

Along with sharing personal narratives, Williams offers a glimpse inside the demanding media world and delivers real-world advice on navigating pitfalls that all kinds of attractive, ambitious women face, including pettiness from other women and sexual harassment. Women will learn from:

  • The “lethal fabulousness” of Fashion Fair CEO Desirée Rogers, who stood out for her “flashiness” in her short stint as President Obama’s social secretary.

  • The cautionary tale of Sarah Palin, and the triumph of the brilliant blonde bombshell Meghan McCain over disparaging remarks about her weight.

  • Marcia Clark’s trial by fire in the court of public opinion, aggravated by an unruly perm and the condescending, sexist Judge Ito.

  • The bold power plays of conservative commentator Dr. Monica Crowley, and the evolution of Judge Jeanine Pirro from the safety of conservative suits.

  • Eboni K. Williams’ definition of sexual harassment and candid accounts of her two private meetings with former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes—plus more.

Pretty Powerful is, ultimately, a book to inspire every woman to strut her own style, flex her mental muscles, and strive to be her best self—inside and out. Brilliant, articulate, poised, and gorgeous, Eboni K. Williams truly walks her talk .

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