Scary Clowns: The Origin | PBS Digital Series

PBS has just premiered a new digital series, ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING, hosted by Yale Doctoral Candidate, Danielle Bainbridge. The new weekly series will be the studios’ first show launched on dual platforms, with episodes uploaded each week to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.

ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING is a show dedicated to exploring the idea that the past is always present. Every aspect of modern life whether its the words we use, the foods we love, the objects that get us through the day, the geographical borders that surround us or even the identities we give ourselves, emerge from the past. Origin of Everything will use a historical lens to unpack how all of these things came about and provoke the audiences to think a little differently about their world. Current episode topics include “Why is 18 Considered an Adult?” “How Makeup, WWII and Communism created the United States healthcare system,” “The 3000 year history of the ‘#’”and “How Columbus Invented Cannibals.”


The first episode dives into clowns, focusing on both the history of the jesters themselves and, more specifically, how they went from being ubiquitously loved pranksters to the creepy, menacing variety found in films like Stephen King's It.

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