ALL The Hits Q100’s Morning Radio Show Experience What It’s Like to Live Like a Woman

ATLANTA — The men of The Bert Show recently got in touch with their feminine side! ALL The Hits Q100’s morning radio show kicked off the month of October with “Live Like a Woman Week,” putting host Bert Weiss and co-host Brian Moote through a series of activities for five days that women have to do on a regular basis in an effort to help empathize with the to-do’s of a woman.

“We knew that being a woman was tough, but you truly can’t empathize with a woman until you live like one,” says Bert Weiss, Host of The Bert Show. “I know it’s just a radio segment but it gives so much perspective in to what women go through on a regular basis.”

Bert and Brian experienced a full week living “a day in the life” of a woman, with each day bringing a new challenge. The pair wore control top pantyhose and skirts for a full day, attending meetings and normal appointments in their outfits, as well as struggled through rompers for one of the days. They also shaved their armpits and legs, and even applied fake eyelashes and nails that they had to paint themselves.

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Bert Show wanted to incorporate the cause into their last assignment for “Live Like a Woman Week.” Brian and Bert experienced a breast exam, “pap smear,” and gynecological exam. The experience was both hilarious and informative, showing the men a few of the important ways women can responsibly maintain their health.

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